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A5 Amplifiers

The A5 amplifiers come loaded with all necessary features to achieve musical euphoria in the most demanding applications. Challenging installations such as sports cars, compact cars and trucks require an amplifier that can deliver high performance. The A5 amplifiers have been engineered to deliver audiophile sound quality and high output in these tight spots. Utilizing Ultra Slim Chassis design (1.69 inches), the identically sized A5 90.4 and A5 800.1D feature a duo stackable design as do the identically sized A5 125.4 and A5 1200.1D. This installation option saves space under a seat or in the trunk. A5 amplifiers can also be used in motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles where space is limited. In installations where more power output is needed, the A5 amplifiers feature Multi-Link technology to link two amplifiers of the same model for twice the power output. This is terrific when higher powered subwoofers are used in an application that does not offer room for larger amplifiers.